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Book production is the process required to turn a raw manuscript into a final printed product or ebook. Book production at its most basic includes editing, design, formatting, printing and ebook conversion. Book production is an essential part of professional publishing
  •  - Editing

    Copy Editing Our editor will help to correct grammar, spellings, punctuation and typographical errors. We will also ensure that your sentence structure is correct.

  •  - Proof-reading

    After the editing is completed and final changes have been made to the manuscript, our proofreader will go through the manuscript in detail to find any mistakes that may have been missed during editing.

  •  - Cover design

    The first impression about a book is made by the cover. Our designer will provide cover design options to choose from based on the brief given by the author.

  •  - Page Layout

    The layout of the manuscript is designed based on the book’s genre, content, and length, to create a format that is pleasing and easy to read. When ready, proofs will be sent to the author for approval.

  •  - Illustration

    Illustrations and maps add to the appeal of the book, and are necessary and valuable additions in some works.

  •  - Printing

    Once the proofs have been approved, the Project manager will send the file of your book for printing.


  •  - Bookstores

    On receipt of printed copies from the press, they will be sent out to bookstores across the country through our distribution network.

  •  - Online

    Once the print-ready file has been sent to the press, the book will be listed on online portals.

Marketing & Promotion


To increase visibility and awareness, we provide special promotion of the book in select stores across the country.

Social Media

Promotion on social media networks is an important part of book promotion today. We provide a book promotion service pre-release and post-release.

Video clips

We create 20 second video clips of the book for promotional purposes. We also create video clips of the author to be used for promotion on social media channels.



The last stage on the production process is conversion of the work into an e-book and uploading it on the digital platform.