Cherish The Natural Feeling


ISBN : 9789387282506
Author : Hoshang Gustad Dastoor
No. of pages : 132
Publisher : The Write Place
Age : For All Age Group
Binding : Paperback
Language : English

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About the Book :

In this delightful medley of short pieces, Hoshang Gustad Dastoor glides effortlessly from humorous stories, slice of life, science, philosophy and divinity, eventually to more closely contemplate the varied experiences and perceptions of a lifetime.

Dastoor’ vision is distinct – inspired by the profundity of ‘plain living, high thinking’, he has an innate capacity to explore the active principle of the Divine.

Reflecting on the diverse dramas that lurk in every corner of our lives, Dastoor invites you to view them with the essential integrity of our being, so that we do not complicate our lives with falsehood, and we Cherish the Natural Feeling more closely, as did the Mule – the antihero in his favourite science-fiction classic Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov.

About the Author :

Hoshang Dastoor was born in Mumbai into a family of doctors. During his career, he worked for three leading Tata Group companies. Later and till recently, he was Director – Management Services with one of the firms in the well-known Sharp and Tannan group of auditors and management consultants. A few years ago, he developed an urge to write short stories and essays largely inspired by incidents from his own life, some of which have been included in this book. He nurtures a lifelong passion for European classical instrumental music, and used to present a monthly programme of recorded selections at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, of which he is a member. He enjoys unintentional, spontaneous humour.

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