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Gods of the Gods


ISBN : 9789385509667
No. of pages : 292
Publisher : SUBTLEDGE
Language : ENGLISH

Book Release – 1st Feb 2022, so the delivery will start from 1st Feb 2022

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About the Book

Ragnarok.  A prophesied end or a new beginning?

Mathias and Odin are marooned on the wasteland of Hel, trying to find a way back to Asr-Gawa. Escaping deadly drones and finding strangely familiar structures left behind decades ago, they finally embark on a journey through the deep, planet-wide turbulent Asurian ocean that no one has conquered. What they find living under the surface of the stormy sea is jaw-dropping, and their chances of ever returning to Asr-Gawa seem slimmer than ever. The prospect of saving Earth was already very dim.

Meanwhile, a civil war is raging in the Land of the Gods. Nanna is torn between her position in the Administration and her loyalty to the Rebels. Baldr is scheming to gain power and the council is divided. Lok Vve is growing, and Heimdallr is hiding underneath the city, hatching the ultimate plan to stop Baldr and the Jargantaans…and perhaps bring doom to the civilians too. Baldr’s army of clones is also getting ready to take over the planet.

All these machinations will soon be dwarfed by an impending invasion to reclaim what Mathias’s ancestors had stolen. The invaders are what Asurians are mortally afraid of: the all-powerful 4th Dimensional Universe.

The Gods of the Gods.

About the Author

Abhishek is passionate about Ancient history, Mythology, Physics, Economics and the convergence of it all. Father of the Gods was his debut novel, which he started writing at the age of 13 and first published at the age of 15. Land of the Gods was the sequel that was published when he was 17. Finally, Gods of the Gods is the final book in the Dimensions series, concluding the elaborate saga. This series is about his desire to explain the mythical past and speculative future through the lens of advanced scientific theories.

Abhishek, now 22, has continued his passion for conducting research has led him to co-author a working review paper with scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and work on an independent paper in a class under Nobel Laureate Prof. David Card. He seeks to use the power of Economics and Data Science to investigate important questions around environmental and energy sustainability. Abhishek has also travelled extensively to over 25
different countries and loves meeting different people and immersing in their culture. He is currently studying Economics and Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Hailing from Mumbai, Abhishek often uses his experiences living in both India and the US in his recent writing. He was a former opinion columnist for The Daily Californian newspaper and Editor for the Berkeley Economic Review. Abhishek will graduate in May
2022 and join a multinational Consulting firm as an Analyst.


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