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Ramblings of an Old Man


ISBN : 9798459294811
No. of pages : 356 
Publisher : SUBTLEDGE
Language : ENGLISH

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About the Book

What can the past generation leave as a legacy to the new generation?

In this remarkable book, 85-year-old Mool Behari Saxena, immerses into his eight decades of rich experiences to share with us nuggets from his life and philosophy. Born before independence in Allahabad, a small town in North India that has nonetheless given the country five of its sitting Prime Ministers, he has seen an entire century go by in a flash of an eyelid and has welcomed the brave new world with its unbridled aspirations, humongous technological advancements and yet its fragile political architecture and human shortcomings.

The memoir offers valuable insights and a first-hand view of life in North India from the mid-twentieth century to the pandemic days of 2020. Like many of his generation, he has faced significant challenges growing up in an India laced with poverty, disease, bureaucracy, and lack of education but has nonetheless seen it emerge as a strong and independent nation ready to take on the 21st Century. Amidst all the ups and downs of life, he has tried to implement what he has learnt from his father – a belief that “humanity comes above all else” and “life is all about helping others.”

He clearly denounces narrow boundaries of religion, caste, creed and social class to embrace all and his core value system hinges on secularism and socialism. He also shows us how he has trained his children and grand-children to live imbibing the same human values and beliefs. He further manages to show us how life, despite being filled with hardships, can have the richness of a goldmine. The book is brimming with accounts of his enthralling adventures and bitter-sweet experiences with life and the moving portraits of his family members. He shares with remarkable frankness and objective self-assessment his
extraordinary personal and professional journey.

This book is a sea of unending stories that takes you with it into bylanes of memory and then jolts you back to current day reality and the predicament of old age. Anyone who reads it will surely enjoy it but more importantly get enriched.

About the Author

Mool Behari Saxena was born in 1936 in Allahabad. He is a retired advocate from the Allahabad High Court, who now lives in Mumbai with his wife, Sudha Saxena. He is widely known for his fiery political views, his deep-rooted secularism, his humanist values and unyielding self-discipline. For him, life is a never-ending adventure and a godsend opportunity to help others. At 85, he walks 5 kms a day!


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